What Loan Options Are There?: Student Loan, Personal Loan, Mortgage, Vehicle Finance

October 07, 2021
Different Types of Loans

Depending on your future goals, the loan you are looking for will differ from person to person. It would help if you didn’t have to miss essential milestones or give up on opportunities due to financial reasons. There is a wide selection of options available to suit everyone out there, including student loan, personal loan, home loan and vehicle finance.

The different uses for loans

If you cannot secure other forms of credit, then personal loans will probably be the best alternative for you. Everyday use of this would be to add value to your property by renovating or using it as a financing option to consolidate high-interest debt, which would allow you to pay it off sooner with lower interest rates.

Below we have listed four different options you can choose from:

Student Loan

Having a good education should be one of the most important things in life as it will benefit your future career and success rate. Unfortunately, not every young adult has money to pay for their student fees to secure their tuition. They usually rely on a student loan to cover educational costs, allowing students to focus on their studies and initial career path instead of worrying about immediate financial obstacles.

Personal Loan

A personal loan will provide a person with financial freedom as this type of loan can be used for additional purchases on any scale that suits an individual. The most important thing to consider with a personal loan is to check with your bank to determine the loan conditions such as term, monthly repayments, and the amount that will suit you, depending on your credit history and financial records.


It is everyone’s dream to own their own house one day; however, when doing this or deciding to build your own home, you will initially need a large amount of capital to spend. However, you will be able to finance your dream home by picking from a large selection of options and packages.


Vehicle Finance

Having a vehicle is a necessity. Investing in buying your dream vehicle is a life goal for most people. In addition, investing in quality is important to most people, which is why they might choose to have vehicle finance and have a leeway of 12 months to 5 years to repay it to your lender.

It is important to remember that student and personal loan types are unsecured loans. The money borrowed is supported only by your creditworthiness rather than by collateral, including property or other tangible assets. Unsecured loans add more risk than secured loans for lenders; therefore, they require a higher credit score for approval.


Before investing in a significant investment or purchase, research and consider which financing option would best suits your needs. Some different policies and rules can either be harmful or beneficial to your current financial situation. Note: FatCatLoans does not offer a student loan or home loans online. We do offer personal, short-term, and car loans. 

Getting a loan online has never been easier. To check if you qualify, submit your application here and apply online today.